The Magic of Moon Spells

So tonight is the Super Moon.  I feel as though I was expecting something amazing to happen today. I’ve built up this moment for a couple of weeks.  Imagining what would happen what could happen what I wanted to happen but when nothing super amazing happened nothing, no magic well it was disappointing and it was only today that I finally came to realize that to change the course of life it takes more than the will of the moon.   The course of life is changed by both the power of the moon and intention and these combined is what makes magic.  Last year I purchased a love spell at the renaissance fair.  It was for entertainment I thought I mean I didn’t really expect for it to work.   I told the man what I wanted and he handed me a spell and told me to open it and read it on the next full moon.  I forgot about it and then when the next full moon came around I opned it and read it aloud while standing outside under the shiny bright moon.  Ive always loved the power of the moon.  It just feels amazing and living in south county away from the big cities one is surrunded by the power and beauty of nature.    I will not go into the details as to what happned but I will say this sh&# really works.  The sun has set and here and I will no longer be afraid of rejection or unveiling who I am.  I will no longer be frozen by the need for perfection I will just be and do and expect my worth.  I have every intention to live the life Ive always wished for since I was a little girl and I’m ready for the man the universe sends my way.  This day forward my intention will carved be just to be me because wanting to become the perfect me is depressing the me I know is always striving for more an thats ok.  I will no longer wait for just the right time. I’m just going to jump in with two feet and enjoy the ride because I trust the universe will guide me to what I need and that can only be good.  My wish is for someone unexpected but good for my soul.  Someone that touches my heart and shows me how much he adores me with actions not words.  Someone who loves to laugh as much as I do.  Someone who loves his family and has proven to be trustworthy as well as my protector.  Someone who understands how important my goals are and I his and there is a mutual respect and unspoken love and enduring passion.  No words I want action So get it on girl go get your booty out there and make it happen.  I wish this for you reading this…whom ever that may be …and may the force of the moon be with you  LOL